Bus Transportation Company and Services in Bangalore | Corporate Employee Bus Transport Services in Bangalore

In addition to its significant contribution to providing innovative Customer Support and promoting a new concept in the travel industry, Acciva Travels is regarded as one of the highest-ranked corporations in the region for corporate employee transportation.

Comfort, planning, and safety are all key when traveling as a group. You are on the right page if you're looking for comfortable and reliable bus transportation services to travel with a group of people to multiple destinations. Buses that are clean, spacious, and hygienic are available to make your group trip an unforgettable experience.

Despite being crowded and stuffed with traffic, Bangalore remains a civilized city. If a few rules are followed religiously, it is easy to get around. Private transportation is inexpensive and easy to access. Acciva Travel offers Bus transportation services that are efficient and convenient to get you to any destination; it also offers reasonable rates. Additionally, it provides student transportation to and from school and college. The city of Bengaluru has the largest bus transportation system in the country. With this disciplined transport arrangement, traveling by bus with Acciva is fairly comfortable. It is even more common for Bangaloreans to travel by private transport, as the traffic in the city blocks their idea of churning the wheels of their own vehicle.

Our transportation services are complete. Our Services include: - Safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation services for employees in vehicles that meet all the criteria mutually defined by you and us. Travel from/to multiple locations on time, via the shortest routes, in a reduced amount of time. Tracking and monitoring of vehicles en route from pickup to drop-off, in real-time. Dynamic response mechanism to accommodate any changes in pickup/dropoff schedules/routes. The service charges a fixed rate per head, regardless of the number of kilometers driven.



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